Tornadoes at Abilene

There were some tornadoes in Abilene (TX) last week, that created moderate to heavy damages. My dearest friends @entune_off_the_cuff (IG account) are going there to help people who have lost a part of their home, who have been affected psychologically with the affair, and particularly an elderly residency where all the tenants had to be moved to a different place. They will help with sound and light healing, crystal singing bowls, guitars, and their own presence and love. I’ve made this shirt to help them raise money to cover their expenses and to support the cause. 
Any donations are appreciated. You will be given something in exchange with the next quantities:
- From $25 to $44 you get this shirt designed by me.
- From $44 to $69 you get a shirt and another shirt goes to one of the people affected by the storm.
- Also, the 3 largest donations will receive a shirt, a shirt for one of the affected people, a remote energy reading and a custom crystal mala by @the.vibe.therapist (IG account).

((the shirt price is $25 and 25% goes to the cause))

The link to make a donation is . Once you are in the website from The Vibe Therapist click the button on the top of the page that says “Donate”.
Thanks for your love! 

Moan what is gone but cherish what is to come. Every loss leaves a seed for a new beginning. Let’s give some hope and good vibes to all these people who need them!!