Our spiritual hat collection

We, at Chaos of the Muse, have designed our hat collection as an extension to our clothing collections. Because we believe that accessories can make you feel even better about wearing a certain outfit. And when you wear something you feel that good and confident in, you can spread only good vibes. Aside from that, you can wear any of the hats from our collection with lots of different outfits, which makes it an easy way to try something fun. Some outfits just need the addition of a good hat. 


Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual hats - Moon phases

What's the meaning behind our spiritual hat collection?

We call our collections 'spiritual' because of the reasons behind why we've designed them. We believe that you are the only one who is responsible for what you do with your life, and have tried to voice that belief in the designs of all our spiritual clothing and accessory collections. That means that we want to make clothing and accessories that evoke a feeling, and make you feel special. Since we believe that you are the only one that should decide what you want to wear, we want to give you lots of options and show you unique pieces that will enhance your individuality. 

Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual Clothing


How to choose my first spiritual hat

We understand that choosing and purchasing a hat online can be very difficult. That's why we suggest that you take your time. Scroll through our collection and see which hats instantly resonate with you. Which one catches your eye? Which one makes you stop scrolling? Which one do you want to instantly put on your head? Maybe, if you are looking for a more complete outfit, you want to take a look at our spiritual tee collection, to see if there are any combinations that immediately speak to you. We hope that you'll find what you were looking for, with us.

Conscious art


Spiritual Clothing - Cap

The spiritual life behind the spiritual hat collection 

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we approach life from a spiritual point of view. Yet, we remain firmly grounded. We believe that love is the most important thing and that laughter is one of the best therapies in the whole world. All of our beliefs come together in our clothing and accessory collections. We will never sell anything we don't wholeheartedly love, and we hope that we can spread that love all around the world.

Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual hats