Our spiritual tee collection 

We, at Chaos of the Muse, see our spiritual tee collection as wardrobe basics that are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident. Because we believe that our clothing is an extension of our inner self. By discovering your own style, and wearing pieces that make you feel good, you will enhance your confidence and happiness. Which in turn can make you face the world with more love and patience. A tee might be one of the basics in every wardrobe, but we feel that it's important for all garments in your wardrobe to make you feel that good. 


Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual Clothing - Tee

What does a spiritual tee mean?

Our spiritual tee's are designed to give you that special feeling you get whenever you wear something that seems to be made for you alone. Something in which you feel confident and strong. When you wear that tee, you feel good and invincible. And those feelings will resonate with others around you. We believe that even the most basic of garments in our wardrobe can radiate something magical to the wearer. We sincerely hope that with our collection of spiritual clothing, we get to make you feel that special. 

Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual Tee


Which spiritual tee do I choose?

We offer a wide variety of designs and patterns, so we understand that choosing a tee can be difficult. That's why we suggest that you take your time. Scroll through our collection and see which designs instantly resonate with you. Which one catches your eye? Which one makes you stop scrolling? Maybe you even want to visit some of the other sections in our shop before making a choice, like our spiritual hat collection. We hope that one of our many designs resonates with you, and that you'll find what you were looking for, with us. 




Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual Streetwear - Beanies 

The spiritual life behind our spiritual tee collection 

At Chaos of the Muse, we approach life from a spiritual point of view. Yet, we are still firmly grounded. We believe wholeheartedly that you are the only one who is responsible for what you do with your life, and that belief carries on in our clothing collections. It's why we put so much emphasis on finding your own style and wearing what you love. Besides that, we also believe that love is the most important thing in the entire world, and that laughter is one of the world's best therapies. 

Chaos of the Muse - Spiritual Tee